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Little Saigon Little Saigon and Tendernob Little Saigon and the Tendernob are two Tenderloin neighborhoods that are home to large immigrant populations and some of the best food in the city. Join us as we take you on the only food tour of this district and explore the flavors of Asia, the Middle East, and beyond! North Beach North Beach North Beach is that rare thing -- a neighborhood that manages to be a perennial hit with tourists, and also to remain beloved by San Franciscans.

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Suchen Deutsch Early detection of the invasive Asian longhorned beetle ALB by detection of infestation-specific volatile organic compounds The Asian longhorned beetle ALB Anoplophora glabripennis [Motschulsky ] belongs to the family Cerambycidae and is a wood-boring beetle native to south-east Asia, where it is one of the most dangerous forest pest insects. Due to international commodity trading, ALB single horned goat introduced as adults and larvae in wooden packaging material into several Asian, European and North-American countries, where it was able to reproduce and spread successfully. Beside findings of single beetles in Poland, United Kingdom and Germany, infestation sites were detected in Austria, and in France and in Italy.

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